Advancing Equity in Dual Language Programs: A Guide for Leaders with Mariana Castro & Silvia Romero-Johnson

Educators have faced unprecedented challenges this school year -from reimagining instruction in virtual environments to addressing news of social injustices in their communities and across the world. One way to advance social justice in our world in ensuring diverse voices are part of the dialog and dual language bilingual classrooms are particularly positioned for addressing some of these challenges. By nature of their design, DLI programs already include diverse voices in their classrooms, so how can we take it to the next level and ensure we prepare our emerging bilingual students to share their voices? And how can we do so in the new virtual and hybrid realities of school? In this webinar, Dr. Castro and Dr. Romero-Johnson will discuss ways of maximizing virtual spaces in the development of multilingual learners’ oracy. Participants will receive information on practical strategies for oral language development in a virtual environment and discuss ways to incorporate an intentional social justice lens through the process.

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